Rise of the Runelords - [GoodOmens]

It just got hardcore

As if things where not going wrong around town with the recent goblin raid,and our putting an end to a small cult to the mother of monsters it just went up a few notches. When Von came to round me and the others up this morning after talking to sheriff Hemlock my heart started sink. When we got to the sheriff’s office he told us of two murders that happened in the past few days. The first was at the lumber mill I almost turned pale and when Hemlock gave me a letter that was found at the scene cause it was addressed to me I did. It would seem i have a rather how may i say devoted secret admirer. We made our way to the lumber mill and apon entering we where accosted me a sell and sit that was only rivaled by our time in thistletop. There where three bodies one of witch was one of the owners of the mill,he had been strung up on one of the lumber hooks.There was a seven pointed star carved in his chest like the one we saw on a statue back in thistletop,he was also missing his lower jaw.The other two where Vin Vinder’s oldest daughter and my Daven i almost started to cry right there barely keeping my composure i went to look at things outside. Little did i know that this was only the beginning of much larger things to come.


MParker546 saulkain27

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