Rise of the Runelords - [GoodOmens]

Large Scale Conflicts

Skirmish Points:
Skirmish Points may be spent at the end of any turn in which your character did not attack, and are 10 or more squares away from an enemy. Spending this point allows the character to gain three of any of the following benefits; the same benefit may be chosen multiple times:
• Spend one healing surge for HP
• Regain 1 encounter attack power
• Regain 1 use of an encounter based class feature
• Gain +2 to their speed until the characters next attack, or 5 rounds (whichever comes first)
• Automatically Rally nearby NPC’s (Line of Sight and can hear your voice) to your aid

Characters may want to move quickly around the town to help in its defense, doing so is called sprinting.
A character that wants to sprint declares so at the start of their turn. Characters that sprint make a DC 18 Athletics check, success grants them an additional +2 bonus to speed until the start of their next turn. Sprinting must take the run action twice during their turn.
A character that sprints must make a DC 15 Endurance check at the end of their turn, a failure gains the character a fatigue point. When a character gains their third fatigue point they immediately lose a healing surge and reset their fatigue points to zero.
Characters that sprint may still need to make athletics checks to overcome obstacles in their path, failure may result in reduced speed.


Fatigue points? Sounds like Elf talk to me. Looks like I left before it became canon that Von can sprint not until he gets tired, but until he gets sleepy. Turns out his legs aren’t short, they’re just incredibly efficient.

Large Scale Conflicts
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