Rise of the Runelords - [GoodOmens]


After we wraped things up at the lumber mill and where able to clear Vin Vinder for we believe that the one that comitted these murders was a Ghoul most likely a master. Sheriff Hemlock told us of another event that happened on the outskirts of town. Some of his men where on patrol when they where attacked by a crazed man by on the older abandoned homes. After the subdued him they found two other men one was unconscious they other had the same rune carved in his chest from at the lumber mill. We where told that the two men where taken to the sanitarium so we decided to go pay them a visit to hopefully investigate more into the murders. When we arrived there the old doctor was a little bit reluctant to let us in but after some smooth talking we where aloud in. My group and I entered the area the men where kept.When i entered one of the men gazed at me intently and in the voice of a man half crazed he said that his master had told him i would come and that if i went to be with him that he would stop his harvest in my honor.Before any of use had time to make sense of what he said he sprang to his feet broke free of his straight jacket and lunged at me. Not to long after the attack happened the other man seemed to come to and he broke free and tried to attack me. My group and i where able to fend them off we where able to find out after the fight these men where suffering from ghoul fever.When we talked to the doctor about it he was very vague but not very good at lying. After we took him into custody we found note in his office to suggest that the good doctor did not always have the best intersts of his charges in mind. Apon returning to the sheriff’s office we had found that farmer Grump was talking to him about an attack by the scarecrows or some creature that looked like one. One of the farms nest to his had gone quite. Him and some of his farm hands went to investigate and they where attack by these scarecrows. Framer Grump the only survivor ran into the night to try and reach town and hopefully help.


MParker546 saulkain27

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