Rise of the Runelords - [GoodOmens]

Scarcrows,Cornfeilds,& Ghouls?

So following the trip to the sanitarium we went out to framer Grump’s place to investigate his clame of scarcrow monsters.We arrived there early in the evening and there was not much to be found not even the normal farm animals.Im not a ranger like Tharn but i grew up partly on a farm and there was most definitely somthing wrong with the area.We decided to wait till night fall to see if anything would happen to the scarcrows for grump had said the attack happened at night.Not long after the sun had set we set out from one of the empty farm houses that we had used to take a short rest in. It seemed even more eerie at night as if we where being stalked as we walked along the corn fields. It was not long after Tharn decided to scout out ahead and cut through one of the feilds that our feeling were validated.We heard Tharn call out in pain,thats when Von astride Mauly charged throught the feild in the direction of Tharns screams of pain.Tharns attakers where scarcrows or as we came to find out Ghoul’s dressed as scarcrows.After a short battle with them we rescued Tharn and with new found caution went about investigating the others.We actually found a few of them that had not yet been fully taken by ghoul fever.Thank Desna we where able to save some of them form there horrid nightmare that would await them as one of the undead.Always wanting to be thorough we went on the check the last farm house starting with the barn. Its was curious to find out that it had been built around what looked like the head of and old statue from a old lost empire.Warryn and I noticed the two ghouls waiting in ambush but non of us say the ones coming around the back. By the stars these things seemed to be everywhere as the fight ensued it would be joined by a much bigger threat.This new comer was a ghoul like no other her could bring back his recently fallen kin.After we defeted them apon closer inspection the ghoul leader looked like the man servent of lord foxglove and on him was anouther not simular to the one givin to me by sherrif hemlock.Things seem to be pointing to Foxglove manor but for now we must get these people to a preist so we may cure them of there curse before it is to late.


MParker546 saulkain27

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