Keira McCarthy

A young female half-elf with a carefree playful look at life that does her best to have some fun and make sure others are too


Keira is a tall at 5’9"and 17yrs of age female half-elf she has aburn hair and hazel eyes that seem have a hint of wounder and starlight in them along with here carefree ever so slight like to have fun in her own ways.She has a charisma and like of life and some of its more simple pleasures that can rub off on others,and the fact that she is one of the more beautiful young women in Sandpoint if seen as a lil odd for her star gazing habbits lends itself into intresting mix


Keria was born into the McCarthy family of farmers when her father Owen McCarthry met and had a romance with beautiful elven women by the name of Merisiel.This romance was a small respite after having lost his first wife and fourth child to child birth,but like with most elf’s in this area of the world she left after a few years.The romance did however leave with Owen a child and in the child was a small spark of her mothers personality.Keria would stay at her fathers farm intill she reached her young teens.She knew her father cared for her but she had never fully felt execpted by her other family members,and her star gazing habbits and talks of farie creatures in the woods near by often made her a bit of a outcast.

Keira McCarthy

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