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Rise of the Runelords Party Treasury
Date: 8/20/12
3 potions of cure minor (50gp each)
2 potions of cure light (160gp each)
2 potions of clarity (50gp each)
1 elixirs of dragon’s breath (100gp each)
Total = 670 gold

Safewing Amulet 1 (Par Shay) (680g)
Delver’s Hide +1 (Tharn) (680g)
Deathstalker Longbow +1 (Tharn) (840g)
Wand of Thunder +1 (Waryn) (680g)
Tactician’s Chain Mail +1 (Waryn) (1000g)
Philosopher’s Crown (Heroic) (Waryn) (2600g)
Master’s Forge (Unclaimed) (N/A)
Veteran’s Armor +2 (Kira) (2600g)
Thesselonian Pendant (Amulet of Pro
2) (Luciano) (2600g)
Song Blade 2 (Waryn) (1800g)
Imposter’s Chainmail +3 (Par Shay) (21000g)
Amulet of Protection +1 (Kira) (360g)
Rod of Deadly Casting +1 (Kira) (520g)
Rowan Lightning Wand +1 (Luciano) (680g)
Cloth Armor +2 (Luciano) (1800g)
Power Jewel (Level 5) (Par Shay) (1000g)
Skeleton Key (Thievary +20 1/day) (Bag) (5000g)
Norgorber Initiate’s Mask (Bag) (N/A)
Ghost Stride Boots (Waryn) (1800g)
Rod of Divinity +2 (Par Shay) (3400g)
Gloves of Storing (Par Shay) (4200g)
Amulet of Life Protection +3 (Tharn) (13000g)
Boots of Striding (Unclaimed) (4200g)
Bag of Holding (1000g)
Climbing Rope (Unclaimed) (5000gp)
Parrying Knife +1 (Unclaimed) (520gp)
Helm of Seven Deaths (Luciano) (1000gp)
Sword of Winter’s Herald (
2 Frost Brand) (3400gp)
Warning Bow +2 (Tharn) (4200gp)
Longsword +1 (Tharn) (360 gp)
Rod of Revenge +2 (Kira) (2600 gp)
Goblin Stompers (Tharn) (1800 gp)
Pouch of Platinum (Unclaimed) (1000 gp)
Bracers of Mental Might (Luciano) (1800 gp)

Total = 91,320 Gold

Ritual Books, Scrolls, Ritual Materials
Ritual Book (Eye of Alarm, Brew Potion, Make Whole, Comprehend Language, Spirit Fetch, Enchant Magic Item) (425g)
Ritual Book 2(Disenchant Magic Item, Speak With Nature, Raise Dead, Object Reading, Undead Servitor) (1900g)
Ritual Book 3(Bloom, Endure Elements, Create Campsite, Travelers’ Chant, Traveler’s Feast, Comrade’s Succor) (700gp)
Cure Disease (Scroll) x2 (720g)
Detect Secret Doors (Scroll) x2 (250g)
Residuum (1,530 gold)
Total = 6,495 Gold

138 PP (13,800g)
1,423 GP
2,607 SP
121 CP
Total = 15,486 Gold 27 Silver

Misc. Valuables
Negative Energy Channeling Book
Stone Book with Thesselonian seven pointed star
Brass Key with Fox Glove Heraldry (Rose & Thorns)
2 Amber Shards w/ Emerald Decoration (200g, 100 ea.)
Verisian Scarf (Kyra)
Zebra Skin Rug (30g)
2 Amethysts (80g, 40ea.)
Holy Symbol of Desna (Kira) (250gp)
Holy Symbol of Abadar (Unclaimed) (250gp)
Silverware Set (75gp)
Jade Ring (200gp)
5 Plum-sized Emeralds (2500gp [500 ea.])
Sword of Winter’s Herald’s Sheath (500gp)
2 Rubies (1000 gp [500 ea.])
Posh Furnishings (1000 gp)

Total = 6,085 Gold

Consumables = 670g
Magic Items = 93,120g
Rituals = 6,495g
Coins = 15,486 Gold 27 Silver
Misc. = 5,085 g (Minimum value assumed for Antiques)
Total Party Funds = 120,856 Gold 27 Silver (Assuming we liquidated everything)


Party Treasury

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