The Sword of Winter's Herald

weapon (melee)

Sword of Winter’s Harald (Frost Brand Weapon)

Level 8+ Rare
Frost forms on your hands as you alter your grip on this icy weapon, but the cold doesn’t harm you as the weapon devours all the heat around you.
Weapon: Any Sword (Heavy or Light Blade)
Enhancement Bonus: Attack rolls and damage rolls
Critical: +1d8 cold damage per plus

  • While holding this weapon, you have fire resistance equal to 3 + twice the weapon’s enhancement bonus.
  • All untyped damage dealt by weapon attacks using this weapon changes to cold damage.
Attack Power (Cold) Encounter (Standard Action)

Attack: Close blast 3 (creatures in the blast); the weapon’s level + 3 vs. Reflex
Hit: 1d10 cold damage, and the target is immobilized (save ends).
Level 13 or 18: 2d10 cold damage.
Level 23 or 28: 3d10 cold damage.

Utility Power Encounter (Minor Action)

Effect: Close burst 5. You can extinguish any nonmagical fire in the burst, and each ally in the burst makes a saving throw against ongoing fire damage that a save can end.


Shortly before the age of Darkness which heralded the Starstone’s decent onto Golarion, the lands of Golarian and the first world were more closely tied.
The lords of the First World were in constant conflict. The Fey Lord Haldavàr Amras Orodeth Tinethelë, Master of the Ice Spire waged a bloody war against Kenvi’ara, Queen of the Shimmering Sands. The war lasted a generation, with the Master of the Ice Spire leading an assault on Kenvi’ara’s Desert Palace. Haldavàr plunged his Moonsilver Sword into the heart of the Desert Queen, and with her last breath Kenvi’ara placed her death curse upon The Ice Lord, trapping his spirit within the very placed that pierced her heart.
Now the sword has changed hands though the mists of time, it’s power growing and receding with the deeds of its wielder. It has a lust for the blood of powerful beings demigods, outsiders, and powerful magic users.

The Sword of Winter's Herald

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